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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2012
Bajaj has launched the European model Kawasaki Ninja 250R in India to compete with Yamaha R 15 and Honda Karizma ZMR. Ninja 250R Bajaj will import CKD (Complete Knock Down) to avoid the heavy cost of imports and thus make it affordable in the Indian market. CKD is a full set needed to assemble the bike. Accessories Ninja 250R will be imported directly from Japan and Thailand. Bicycles will be available in showrooms Bajaj probiking products and they have plans to sell about 1000 units of Ninja 250R with the opening of 30 new galleries probiking. The product showrooms Pro-Cycling will provide full three-S - Sales, Service and parts. With a large showroom price of bicycle helmets on, it is highly possible for buyers to opt for other cars like Pulsar 220, Karizma ZMR or the YZF-R 15.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R is powered by a 249cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin, DOHC petrol engine developing a maximum power of 32 horsepower at 11,000 rpm with maximum torque of 22 Nm at 8200 rpm. Ninja 250R features six-speed gearbox as amended and supplemented smooth transition and operation of a clutch durability. It also features a new radiator to provide better cooling without adding additional weight to the bike. The engine of the Ninja 250R has been improved to provide smooth, low-energy improvements and to provide mid-friendly response. Combustion chamber is designed to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Design and comfort
Ninja 250R is an abbreviation of the best sports car in the segment of 250cc 250cc bike was only sold in India. It puts fairing complete with large plastic and steel parts. Ninja 250R scope out a very positive view when casting a look with dual lamp headlights. The rear view mirror is attached to the fairing smart gel with the overall look of the car. Between the mirrors, windshields black clamp to protect the driver from wind blast. The front turn indicators have a look at machismo addictive and more of the car. Mask fairing lines to fuel tank and engine and the monogram of the bicycle is performed on the fuel tank and air scoops. Ninja 250R with 6 says black alloy wheels look very attractive to racing at the coronary band. Under the rear seat, two owners helmet. The tail also sports a view to protect the thin skin and crisp. The Step-up seats is a feature attraction on the Ninja 250R.

However, clusters of the Ninja 250R engine is a gap as mentioned in the same format. Speedometer, digital odometer, trip meter and tachometer in the same mode. It seems a bit sticky compared to other Indian bikes using clusters of digital search tools like Apache RTR, Pulsar 220 and Karizma ZMR. Cluster comes with warning lights such as low oil, low fuel, air filter choked, oil temperature high and low battery indicators.

Ride and Handling
Silky smooth 6-speed gearbox of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R to reduce friction when moving gears under power. The damper spring type clutch reduces jerkiness at very low speeds and minimizes shocks when adjusting the throttle to feel clever clutch. Paper base friction plates help increase clutch durability. Whack Ninja is a 0-100km / h 5.75 seconds with top speed of 176kmph. According to the statement of Mr. Bajaj, it gives a mileage 42.5 kmpl. Bicycles also meets the strict emissions improve well designed dual catalysers. Ninja 250R diamonds belonging to a new type of high strength steel to provide a steeper steering without affecting the wheelbase when mated with a longer swingarm. Junction is larger and harder, with the installation of modified and supplemented in 2008 compared to the Ninja 250R model.

37mm front fork Ninja telescope with the firmly established to contribute to the smooth handling and stability with enhanced car control. The suspension, additional chassis rigidity and adjust the fork, offers excellent road. Rear shock features 5-way preload adjustment, height allows vehicles to be maintained whether riding alone or with a passenger. Power to stop the Ninja 250R comes from a large 290mm hydraulic disc front and balancing act of two piston caliper provide excellent braking performance. The following features two piston caliper out with a 220mm petal disc.

Variants, Price And Color
Ninja 250R is available in two colors Lime Green and Ebony Black. Although it is also available in red and blue in other global markets, Bajaj has made it here only in two colors.

Technical Specifications and Features of Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Type - Four-stroke, Parallel Twin, DOHC
Displacement - 249 cc
Max. Power - 32.5 Bhp @ 11000 rpm
Max. Torque - 22 Nm @ 8200 rpm

Front Suspension - 37mm hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear Suspension - Uni-Trak with aluminum linkage

Front - 290mm Petal Disc
Rear - 220mm Petal Disc

Front Tyre - 110/70-17
Rear Tyre - 130/70-17

Kerb Weight - 172 kg
Wheelbase - 1400 mm

Battery - -
Head Lamp - -

Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Capacity - 17.00 ltrs

Honda CBR250R 2011

Honda enters the arena with the CBR250R 250. If the Ninja 250R is fear?

In three years, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R has been warden of the 250S. That's because it only has to compete with the Hyosung GT250R. It surprised me that the four large Japanese manufacturers have not pounced on this area as they did with the 125s. Not everyone wants to go from a sportsbike '125cc 600 and with the launch of the Honda CBR250R, your choice for a new 250 has risen 50%. Honda Nice work.

CBR250R is equipped with a single-cylinder engine 249cc, Honda motorcycle engines just last year. It produces 26bhp at high rpm, 8,500 rpm infact. Maximum torque is produced at the 17.5lbft 7000 rpm, so while the CBR250R is equipped with a pair of unique and not parallel like the Ninja 250R, naturally low grunt unit was squeezed up rev-range hunting of more power.

I can understand why this new model is called a CBR250R: in the Far East market, where the vehicle is normally 125 and 150cc bikes are increasingly popular CBR250R he sat at the top of the tree and sports. However I and most Westerners, it looks like a VFR1200 and only the thinnest relationship with any bike designed to please a racetrack. It should not be called a VFR250?

With a seat height of 780mm, it will be perfect for people on foot. Sit on the bike, it feels like a 125 and it mostly feels like a Honda. Just search for cheap steel clip-on is a gift extremely competitive price of the bike. Other than a small hint to cut costs, the digital control panel, similar to everything else abd rev counter form of the driver's view seems smart.

Move, the 250 feels light and agile. We rode it in the rain, but the feedback from the best steel frame. The suspension, though basic, did not reveal any errors in fact, it handles all the roads slippery Spain can throw at it. When we choose the speed, the 250 does not get in a cap and through the winding paths, it's easy navigation. Obviously the bike has been built a tight budget and there are certain areas, I am sure that you can skimp on and no one will really notice, but it seems that Honda has built CBR250R with the suspension of family needs and not only can they get away with.

The engine is adequate but it lacks character. Honda announced it will return 70mpg on, which, while good is not groundbreaking. Considering the engine is a new unit, I'd have been impressed with the number of 90mpg but 2011 + ZX-10R will do 50mpg, no problem. If people are to be persuaded to get on an entry-level bike, the operating costs must be special and I do not think the mpg of the CBR250R is quite in this league.

Run flat, I managed 90mph, but it looks quite a length of dual-surface roads to get there. CBR250R is really happy to cut a dash around town and will travel well over 60mph, but this engine last longer and feel lack. Sure it's only 250 but comfortable flying at 75mph without too much to ask, is it?

Honda is making a rapid transition ABS and all entry-level bike they are provided with ABS before. Testing our model combines the Honda 250 ABS on a bike like this is a great addition. ABS combination allows you to eek out every last drop from the tire grip front and every last ounce of power from the 6-pot Nissin front caliper only.

CBR250R tire size means you can use "big bike, rubber, is also great news. Waste tire standards and in accordance with a grippier Sport Touring tires and you will receive more of the entire package and 160kg weight limit of the bike, tire life is not a problem.

13 liter tank of it means that you will get about 200 miles between fill than tourer top of the Honda, the VFR1200. I'm not sure you ever want to go bashing on a visit to the continent but at the gas station CBR250R CBR250R help achieve the status of 'just get up and ride a good demand for travel.

There is clearly a huge potential market for this car and at about 1000 pounds less than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, CBR250R is a real competitor. Now there are rumors that Yamaha is developing 250 and let's hope Suzuki market. We are still in the early stages of the market can supply 250 Honda CBR250R but suggests other economic data and fuel prices will make sure everyone on biking on 250.