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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bajaj Launches the all New Boxer 150cc

Bajaj Auto may be better known for its range of Pulsar motorcycle fashion, but while that may be true, infact Bajaj Boxer is one of the travel brand of bicycle manufacturers oldest and reliable most reliable since it was introduced in the country.
In an attempt to recapture the domestic travel market in rural India for a long time under the Boxer, Bajaj introduces the all new Bajaj Boxer 150. To be considered for a bike Bharat closer connections with their own countrymen, Bajaj Boxer 150 has been redesigned to provide a comfortable driving experience, not only within the city walls, which also moved away from border localities.
Boxer's 150 cc engine now makes it strong and 12ps torquier 12.26 nm (nearly 50% compared with the standard 100cc). The increase in total production of the new Boxer has done little to shake its ability munching miles, a mileage proposal 58-60 km / liter makes it very desirable long-term investment. Additional convenience features and 150cc motorcycles from Bajaj aims to be a metalbody all the construction, larger tires, electric start, a dual spring SNS suspension and a carrier task heavy aircraft looks like it can support more than just a milkcans dangling behind.

While most 150cc bikes in India can cost anywhere between Rs 55.000 to 60.000, Bajaj Boxer even new properties it was found has been valued at just Rs 42,000 makes it clear one motorcyles most attractive and affordable "in recent times.
Speaking on launch, Mr. R Chandrashekhar, GM, Bajaj Auto Ltd said, "This launch is part of our strategy of providing differentiated products to meet the relevant needs of many people used. A significant part of consumers in smaller towns need a bicycle powerful utility, rugged. Boxer has been designed as an SUV on two wheels "to meet special requirements of them. "
Even with all the redecoration of urban construction and rugged features, the new 150cc Bajaj Boxer still managed to retain the charm of good old "Boxer", something is sure to attract fans Best sellers first.

Bigger is better, and that certainly applies to motorcycles. Bajaj Boxer announced new and this time around, it displaces 150 cc healthy. 11.8 horse motor sets and 25.1 kgm of torque - much, much more than the 100cc bikes.

Touted as' Bharat bike "Boxer 150 is aimed at customers residing in semi-rural areas and rural areas, where motorcycles are the operating conditions of fatigue. With the cyclical component improve try, wider tires and a torquey engine, Boxer can be abused rough roads, and sometimes no roads, with aplomb.

With the ruling 100ccs sleeping in rural India, the Boxer, 150cc performance and ability to handle the most extreme conditions, is bound to find a large fan. And if the value of the Boxer is not enough to win the most important buyers, prices will inevitably. The Boxer 150, electric start, will set you back a mere Rs 42,000. Well, it's even cheaper than some 100ccs on the market.

Motorcycle travel in India has always been in great demand. But when they groom themselves look better and perform to a higher level of efficiency in an economy of rapid urban transformation, the cost factor has been and will always be the most difficult barriers.

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