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Friday, January 7, 2011

Honda CBR250R Review 2011


HONDA CBR250R Concept :-

What was on our minds in the development of new CBR? That you recognize a compelling model that can meet the needs of the times and to provide customers worldwide with fun and affordable. What we aim is "to a neighborhood sports world, CBR250R.

Our passion is manifested in different aspects of this motorcycle as the transfer of its frame size, driving stability and riding position. These features are optimized for drivers of all kinds, from beginners to experienced riders, so they can feel the joy of movement, which is fundamental to riding motorcycles.

Sporting a feeling that the driver may be the moment they mount a motorcycle and pursued without sacrificing ease of use, to find the optimal balance between
II. Quick acceleration can feel the moment the throttle is opened, a fine sense of rev-up during high speed, linear vibration characteristics that annoying drone, and a variety of features such as a grip device then provides a comfortable feeling when you go in parallel, with a list of features, we believe that customers will be satisfied without exception.

HONDA CBR250R Engine :-

The CBR250R engine was developed by a single-cylinder engine to the world beyond the region, while the sports and eco-friendly at the same time, with a look ahead at future generations.

What needs liquid cooling next generation single-cylinder 250cc engine is also ecofriendly like?

What characteristics of a production sport bike 250cc single-cylinder is as comfortable and easy process that can satisfy customers around the world be taken into account?

How can an engine that is light and compact and not have a high quality feel can support the ride as the rider wants it?

With these questions in mind and work towards the output characteristics that can recognize a maneuverability and light sports car while retaining full advantage of fuel economy and easy handling of common single-cylinder engine, we have developed a new engine 250cc single-cylinder that is light and compact and runs very well not only in revolutions per minute but also within the low rpm high.

HONDA CBR250R Styling & Design :-

A distinctive Y-shaped headlight brings to life a front face sports car Honda Match new generation by combining units with different headlights, left / right positions include a light spread, ensuring high visibility from the other driver.

Also, the left / right stores are not provided on the cowl on the enhanced mobility of the vehicle while directing an appropriate amount of wind from toward the steering wheel.

The high cowl design represents a simple yet beautiful surface and bring a sense of aerodynamics, while participating in a function of the efficiency of aviation management purposes achieve high efficiency cooling and low Cd value. The cowl structure leads directly into the wind when the engine and to increase the catalyzer
cooling performance. Its design makes it look integrated with the engine and muffler to highlight the beauty of the lower part of the function body.

Design can design a unique, only Honda is capable and can be appreciated worldwide. It incorporates special features that are everywhere customers worldwide will recognize at once as the features of a Honda sports car. Building on a dynamic form and sports based on the "form of mass concentration,"Cutting-edge design concepts for the sports car from the cowl Honda CBR1000RR VFR1200F and top-down, a simple and clean style will improve further purified from point function, producing a special presence. The model also recognizes all-around ease of use of the 250cc class, including a comfortable driving location and excellent handling performance.

HONDA CBR250R Comfort :-

To enable a rider to experience the exhilarating feeling of riding a pleasant breeze, but only a sport bike can provide an abundance of amenities offered by creating a very flexible riding position and ride spaces. Also, designers make the single-cylinder engine and compact thin to minimize the previous projection. In addition, the seat apart to allow the driver to enjoy a variety of situations from touring to sport riding and easy to grasp separate left / right rear passenger holding provides a sense of comfort as standard equipment.

Honda CBR 250R India equipped with liquid-cooled 250cc 4-valve single-cylinder DOHC engine. Installed with some very useful features like digital speedo meter,Power full engine, better road grip, good speed in minimum time, good average (mileage) on highway road or city.

Honda CBR250R India Review, Price

Honda CBR250R Features, Specification

Sales name: CBR250R
Model type: HondaMC41
Overall length×Overall width×Overall height(m): 2.035×0.720×1.125
Wheel base(m): 1.370
Ground clearance(m): 0.145
Seat height(m): 0.780
Curb weight(kg): 161(STD)165(ABS)
Riding capacity(No.ofpeople): 2
Minimum turning radius(m): 2.5
Engine type: CS250RE, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC singlecylinder
Displacement(cm³): 249
Bore×Stroke(mm): 76.0×55.0
Compression ratio: 10.7
Fuel supply system: Programmed fuel injection system(PGM-FI)
Starter type: Self-starter
Ignition type: Full-transistor battery ignition
Lubricating type: Wet sump
Fuel tank capacity(L): 13
Clutch type: Wet multiplate with coil springs
Transmission type: Constant mesh 6-speed return
Transmission gear ratio: 1-speed 3.333
Reduction gear ratio(primary,secondary): 2.808/2.714
Caster angle/Trail(mm): 25ยบ00´/95
Tire size Front: 110/70-17M/C
Rear: 140/70-17M/C
Brake type: Front Hydraulic disk
Rear: Hydraulic disk
Suspension type: Front Telescopic
Rear Swingarm: Pro-link suspension system
Frame type: Diamond

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