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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Motocross India

Motocross and Supercross

Motocross is a form of bike sport or all-type of two wheeler racing held on enclosed off road circuits.Motocross and Supercross latest Stunt Videos, Photos, Racing tracks, Riders Product Reviews, All bike features & specification as like a honda ,hero honda ,suzuki ,yamaha ,tvs bikes etc , locaitons Girls and Community. Motocross, Supercross ,Bike Menu Moto.

Bikemenu Racing Team

Automotive industry competitive in India, Bikemenu Racing team has emerged as the undisputed wheeler two leaders. Bikemenu strong commitment Motor Racing, in India and was responsible for developing interest and enthusiasm for the sport in this country.
Reviewing up bike ... full, fly on dirt and sun to an afternoon on the Jaipur crowd of silver. It's hi-speed action in Bhawani Niketan time based on the Saturday, a day before next Wednesday's MRF National Motocross Championship.For the young bikers rider, it's like the high jumps,dirt bike stunts.

About Motocross
Motocross is an international competition dirt bike outdoors using long courses on natural terrain with a few manmade jumps. It is seen as a sport for families to help parents teach their young children the basics they. Motocross racing involves what is called the Motos. The variant consists of Motocross and Supercross Arenacross, which serve Racers professional audience larger, television, and conducted in a certified stadium. In India, shall be construed as Supercross and Motocross back when it was the practice since the beginning.

The popularity of the sport can be dated back to before World War II in some parts of Europe and the war flurry of enthusiasm to a deadlock. After World War II, the sport became more popular but the speed, nimbleness and durability of the machine was missing. It was in the 1960s which saw its popularity spread worldwide, especially in the U.S., where a new dimension to daredevil riding and mechanics have been added.

Motocross in India

Motocross in India is practiced as a competition dirt bike using the relatively short course inside the stadium with mostly manmade jumps. Club Motorsports to permit the organization of regular concerts in tie up with other organizations. Larger audience and sharp professional Racers of the two companies involved in wheeler racing. Before that the club is practicing sports with participants from local and privateers like the participation of companies is not available. Bikemenu is the first Group to wheeler involved in Motorsport in India in a big way by joining the two as well as funding. Sports is to promote the ride in the country with professional and efficient machines are ready for competition.
Besides Motocross and Supercross also Dirt track race, drag race, hill climb, rally etc. Dirt Track racing is done on a flat surface dirt. No jumping on the dirt track, however, it bends and curves. Drag racing is a strain of the road and the winner is usually evaluated on the basis of timings to achieve a specific distance. Climb the hill track is very rare in India and two wheeler expression is very rare compared Motocross event in India.
Today as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and is only three companies participating in the sport in India with Racers professional. Few individuals and local Racers also participate in the race to be held locally. Organizations hold classes normally race to encourage local participation of the local. In terms of the MRF sponsors spend with national championship Motocross record them. The dirt national championship title track is credited to Gulf oil. Top donors include, Kalyani Brakes, Indian Oil Corporation, BPCL, Gulf Oil, TVS Motor Company and Yamaha.

About International
Asian Motorcycling Union (UAM) was established in 1998 as the governing body for all motorcycle sports in Asia. Mission to promote and develop Motorsports in this area given to these agencies includes 18 member countries including Malaysia, Macao, Iran, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, India, Thailand Finland, Hong Kong, Korea, Kuwait, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Langka, Qatar and the UAE. Federation Internationale Motocycliste (FIM), Switzerland, given the authority to UAM Sports.

Bikemenu Team
Bikemenu Racing in particular has been churning out the country's best ever Racers Manoj, a 21-year-old lad from jaipur, is a prime example of this. Bikemenu discovered his talent two years ago at a Motocross Bikemenu School held in Jaipur. He was just an experience and the bikemenu put him through a training process and groomed him take on the challenges Motocross and today he became the country's best race was produced. Bikemenu believes in identifying talent and for them at such early ages, making them competitive in the event that their grit and talent are put to the test. Racers are given the state of art training to help them set to face international competition. Bikemenu current professional teams, including nine who went to ace with most of them being in the country in different classes.
Bikemenu Racing has brought into the motor racing concept professional staff. He has a 10-member group includes engineers to Post graduates who provide technical support for motorcycles and seven experts with the Racers travel throughout the competition. It is not surprising then Bikemenu Racing Team are today considered as the numero uno of motor racing in India.

Palace of Race

Bikemenu says The Racing can do wonders for the company as it has been proven that it helps global product development at both and build a picture - long the company. In the international circuit all the leading companies wheeler has forayed into the race and an important source of information for product development when their machines have been put to test in the challenging environment and not predictable. All the big names like Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and flowers on their learning in areas where R & D plant they never can give them.

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