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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yamaha Stunts bikes

Bikemenu Says:- Stunt considering the new Yamaha FZ16. I guess this is the first time stunt clubs to review the entire bike stunt by this. The bike is great for stunt. Slow wheelies easily, thanks to the tyre width, Torque excellent stability and the best I have ever felt. Stoppies, is a little scary as is cycling on too quickly and you need to have a presence of mind to deal with it. I never used a lot of body lean / stable to balance a bicycle. The legs are smooth, and you will get feedback on the smoothest throttle wheelie. I can make very little and throttle, and can balance the wheelie with brakes! The bike is simply built for stunt riding.

Yamaha FZ-16 Overall Points
Stunting = 9/10
performance = 6/10
torque = 8/10
stability = 8.5/10
Brakes = 9/10

If you are serious about stunt riding, GET FZ-16 BIKE !

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