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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bajaj Discover 100cc

New Launch Bajaj Discover 100cc
Today Bajaj Auto launches the new Discover 100cc dtsi bike in India. Bajaj Discover 100cc bike is matted with its new DTS-Si Technology version 2.0 engine and gets an oval pent roof combustion chamber and New Molykote Piston. Bajaj Discover 100cc bike gets a 5-speed Gear transmission which is first in its segment.Relative the never easy one to understand Bajaj in particular and its strategy. After l' escape from the segment 100cc in 2007, riscopre the segment of Bajaj 100cc with the launch of the discover 100cc. In the first instance lascili they understand that the necessity for Bajaj to enter in this segment is what. l' inheritance has turned out to explore the style. The bici are solid and maintain l' appeal of jadoo, also after many years in the market. The low-launch but muscular style inborn the siblings germaniums to discover perfect for excellent. Optoprism of the beacons the flame pilot on both parties is situated in the great fairing. Incoronazione of the visiera ink fairing. The configuration is nearly the same one of the discover 125cc, except the style of the bici all the black one. The greatest change is in the precedence. L' art of Bajaj of mastery dell' use of the LED now offers to it un' automobile 100cc with Three to seem of the bunch of the lamp of tail of beautiful points but seems to be taken on loan from Suzuki GS150R. The general density is good and will attract a customer 100cc. Bajaj is improving the relative folder and launch nearly an average dozen of the bici in 2009. The new strategy has been rendered to magic in the sales dell' automobile of Bajaj. Like member of new program, Bajaj has launch the discover 100cc to the spelendor sull' Honda' hero; evergreen and varying passion of s it. It can tamed the 100cc to subdivide atleast this time? we verify the dtsi of discover 100 cc.


Type: commuter
Top speed: 91kmph
Displacement: 100cc
Engine: 4-stroke
Max power: 8.3bhp
Maximum torque: 9Nm
Clutch: wet, multiple disc type
Cooling type: Air cooling
Weight: 125kg
Ground clearance: 179mm
Fuel tank: 10litres
Length: 2030mm
Width: 760mm
Height: 1065mm
Wheel type: spoke/alloy
Suspension front: Telescopic
Suspension rear: Hydraulic shock absorbers
Brakes front & rear: Mechanical Expanding Shoe & Drum type, 130mm diameter

Bajaj Discover 100cc Main Features:-
* Electric Start
* Alloy Wheels
* Auto Choke
* LED tail lamp
* Twin pilot lamps
* Maintenance free battery

Bajaj Discover 100cc Colors:-
* Black green
* Black red
* Black blue
* Red
* Blue

Bajaj Discover 100cc bike is priced Rs 39,999 (ex-showroom Rajasthan)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bike Photo Gallery

Hello Bikers , welcome to the Bikemenu Online Photo Gallery. It's more than just a place for art; it's a Bikers Community. Bikemenu is a biking site acting as a Bikers club for the passionate only for Indian Bikers. You can describe as a bike club (Two Wheeler) which apart from online activities like Discussion Boards for Bikers, bike photo sharing, read bike features , specifications , articles, read online bike sell or but bike products or bikes through our classified system etc.The basic aim of is to share bike knowledge and make India a nice place to Bike on. its basically administrated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.Its like a Totaly Biker Zone for the Bikers where they can do anything related to Bikes. is fast becoming one of the biggest Online Biking Community in India and World Wide.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yamaha Stunts bikes

Bikemenu Says:- Stunt considering the new Yamaha FZ16. I guess this is the first time stunt clubs to review the entire bike stunt by this. The bike is great for stunt. Slow wheelies easily, thanks to the tyre width, Torque excellent stability and the best I have ever felt. Stoppies, is a little scary as is cycling on too quickly and you need to have a presence of mind to deal with it. I never used a lot of body lean / stable to balance a bicycle. The legs are smooth, and you will get feedback on the smoothest throttle wheelie. I can make very little and throttle, and can balance the wheelie with brakes! The bike is simply built for stunt riding.

Yamaha FZ-16 Overall Points
Stunting = 9/10
performance = 6/10
torque = 8/10
stability = 8.5/10
Brakes = 9/10

If you are serious about stunt riding, GET FZ-16 BIKE !