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Saturday, May 23, 2009

150cc Bikes Power performance

Yamaha FZ-S Vs Hero Honda Hunk Vs Honda Unicorn Vs Hero Honda X-treme Vs Bajaj Pulsar DTSi Fi Vs TVS apache RTR 160 Vs Yamaha FZ 16

Bikemenu says..MotorCycling determined a cause. The reasons can be anything from the sheer passion for. Whether it is riding a motorcycle will take you to a high. Feel the wind on your face, the sense of freedom, hear footpegs scraping the road ... biking always leaves you craving for more. The more you drive, the more you want to do it again.
"Bikemenu" is a group of youth biking fanatics that started as a reduction of small group of tourers, but now to develop a fully-fledged stunt team. The reason is the passion of equality between member to participate in a group of different levels. This group now includes about 70 members across the state.
Once you have done in a stunt show and organized a list of most colleges in the state, we have demonstrated that stunting Freestyle bike can be more than entertainment by a factor, not what is dangerous and all scary.Above, the support and encouragement from the fans is to keep us going
In 2009 alone two new premium bikes have been launched. As competition becomes tougher its hard to find the right products suits for you and more than introspection,comparison shows the true colour. We here compare all the 150cc bikes and dig out the pros and cons of the products. TVS apache RTR 160 included in the ‘battle and the beasts’ because of competetive price. Let’s watch the battle!

Bikes Design and Look:-

Whether the Pulsar or glass or X-treme or apache RTR or any of the Motor cycling or an evolutionary design of revolution. Topics black, aircraft type fuel lid and alloy wheels have become popular and are now on all bikes. Although design has not basically changed, metmarphosed Pulsar has a new bike with an upgradation. Bajaj's Pulsar want to care even make to adapt to the new bike as generaton apache RTR. However, too many of the pulsars in the way development has begun tired. Honda has always conserative. Although glass Styling evergreen it can not age. The lack of modern features like LED tail lamps, digital Speedo and air suspension make the glass problems. Xtreme face (headlamp) inspired by the cup was not enthralled by the sexy bike. Large LED taillamps, headache and mouth line silencer support horns as grab rails share credit score. Democracy with the necessary design racing stripes, chiseled swimming, style bonnet, petal type disc brake and is formed after RTR view mirrors makes the best eye-catcher. Hero Honda finds a space, even in crowds. Making recently Hunk match the design of Cruiser and democracy. Red dial, analog clock set to add more enthralled with Hunk by Macho look. Though Hunk has not reached the best of both world number that many. From the bike, Apache RTR, Hero Honda Hunk, CBZ X-Treme is to one of the niche market of 150cc. Honda's Unicorn lures the conservative man. Pulsar 150cc which attracted the youth when it launched, now turns into a family bicycle.

Bikes Engine Power and Transmission :-

This part should be easy to decide, since three of competetiors - Hero Honda Hunk, CBZ X-Treme and Honda's unicorn share the same engine. Unicorn's 149.2cc is less power producer still score high points for refinement. The Unicorn engine development 13.3bhp on 12.75Nm of 6500rpm and 8000rpm.
Pulsar 150cc engine is one of the best engine of Bajaj. The dual spark 149cc engine producing 14bhp at 8500rpm. Hero Honda provides the same engine with more power (0.8bhp) for Hunk and CBZ X-treme. Yamaha 150cc engine is the best engines of Yamaha. The digital meter,single shock absorberd the rear, engine producing 15bhp at 8500rpm.
Apache RTR television powered by a 160cc engine is producing 15.2bhp at 8500 rpm and 6000 rpm in 13.1Nm. Clearly, Apache RTR is the best among the assets in terms of performance. Apache RTR has higher power to weight ratio 111.7bhp/ton.Apachian can promote Redline up to 12000rpm. Add 10cc plays an important role for the RTR and it is the only bike in the threshold is 110kmph mark with appreciable control. All bikes in the 150cc breathes through CV carburettor, in India, fuel injection (FI) is a wave. All bikes Pulsar, Unicorn, CBZ Xtreme, apache RTR and Hunk features 5-speed (1-down 4-up template) box. Activities of how they design and different. Apache RTR, Hero Honda Hunk and CBZ Xtreme and objectives through which customers by young singers toe gear levers. In Unicorn and Pulsar 150cc is heel and toe levers.

Bike Fuel efficiency:-

When Honda engineers have created the mill frugal Bajaj for its dual spark exhausTEC technology and the different. Both the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and Honda Unicorn consumption by 1 liter to return more 55-60 kmpl about our match in the city and road driving. Hero Honda Hunk's 150cc engine is integrated with the first induction tumble (ATFI) technology. This kind of induction helps the car to burn fuel more efficiently. Hence the Hunk has less competition in its sibling Hero honda CBZ X-treme, but only by a small margin 1-2kms. Hunk 50 kmpl returned in the testing of our drivers. Apache RTR television that calling the performance bar flips in the mileage as you want. It gives a mileage of above 45kmpl.Hero honda cbz xtreme gives a mileage
above 50kmpl.



TVS Apache RTR Vs CBZ-X-Treme

He pulled a hole of about six bike length of about 75-80 km / h, and from there on, there was not one thing, the CBZ X-treme could do. We were at a particularly appropriate piece of road, of course, one where the motorcycle can sit at full throttle and hope as much speed as they want. And so that is exactly what the duo did. The Apache was always ahead, with 123 km / h on the digital Speedo, while CBZ Xtreme looks older analog meters finally came to rest about 118 km / hr.
rajoriya was probably mumbling about the Apache movement (and the resulting performance) advantage, but hey, they are about the same price are they? When we swapped bikes, exactly repeated. Young Josh is a bit lighter and me, and that only one thing changed - Apache to CBZ-X-treme gap is even greater. Orphans, the Apache RTR is the fastest acceleration "150" on the market now, and every other bike in the segment will be a really difficult catch in a straight line. Whether they will actually catch the flying TVS in a corner is an unlikely event, but more on that later.
The Apache pulls out some amazing performance numbers. In sopping wet conditions, away from a cold start, the Apache proved its muscles with a full 4.58 second run to 60 km / hr. The CBZ X-treme, for that perspective, it takes about 5.57. The Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi is time for the same period is 4.39 seconds. Okay, wait, let me clarify. In our Karizma vs 220 drag, the 220's we discovered in starting a little later. So it's not really show its full hand until a bit later. Proof - 220 100 km / h time is 12.79 seconds. Here is the Apache loses a full two second problem, taking 14.79 seconds.

It gets better. The test was not entirely fair. No, it's not what you think the Apache is a disadvantage, because the fresh plant with only 56 km on the Odo. The CBZ X-Treme, on the other hand, nearly 3100 km. So, in time, we expect that the gap between the two further grow.
When the Hero Honda still has the edge in the sensory personality of the vehicle. The Hero Honda-CBZ X-treme still impressed with a very tactile, if a bit loud, feel. There are Vibes is the feeling of great speed and size and it feels very flattering. The Apache is ... colder. He inhales the road with a more straight posture, has almost no vibraphone, an almost perfect gearbox and a strong sense of not-that-hidden musculature. The Apache, a weight of 136 kg, is a bit lighter than the CBZ X-Treme (143 kg for the electric start version), and the weight pretty well.

Although not part of this test, there were a few corners on the way to the strip once more the Apache immediately leave a good impression. Compared with the CBZ X-Treme (which on its own, is a phenomenal run fast, very sympathetic handler), the Apache feels even lighter. Steering inputs are needed pleasant light. Stability and confidence remain high, despite the wet roads and on the whole, the Apache is a robust laughter, while the CBZ-X-Treme is a right laugh. But again, the TVS absolutely let Hero Honda for dead on the brakes. The feeling the bite and the enormous amount of force can bring to bear are awesome. TVS have, apparently, was this bike, very, very good.

That leaves only the appearance, construction and finishing to think, right? Well, the Apache is a fair bit of progress. It looks compact and sporty, while the CBZ X-treme looks great, spacious and comfortable. The Apache is also very nice that the CBZ-X-treme not. As I said, the model in the details of Apache makes it. We did this in a very dark, gloomy day, so all the little pieces do not stand out and shine, but on a good sunny day, the Apache will be the CBZ-X-treme look even further away. More importantly, the Apache feels solid (although there was a mysterious plasticky rattle on the test cycle), whereas the CBZ-X-treme (and we have noted before) is not the best built or finished Hero Honda we ever cast eyes.

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