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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hero honda hunk

Hero Honda Hunk Specifications

Engine:..............................Air Cooled,4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHC
Max Power..........................10.6 Kw(14.4ps) @ 8500 rpm
Torque.................................12.80 N.m @ 6500 rpm
Bore x Stroke........................57.3 X 57.8mm
Carburettor............................C.V Type
Ignition..................................AMI - Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System
Gear Box..............................5-Speed Constant Mesh
Type.....................................Tubular,Diamond Type
Suspension............................Front ....Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Rear......Rectangular Swing Arm With 5 step Adjustable
Gas Reservoir Suspension GRS
Brakes..................................Front......Disc: 240 mm Dia Disc- Non Asbestos Type
Rear.......Drum: Internal Expanding Shoe Type (130 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity................12.4 Ltrs(2.2 Ltrs Reserve)
Kerb Weight..........................146 Kg (Self)

Hero Honda Hunk Top Speed.....120 kmph

About Hunk..

The Hunk is the fourth in the premium segment bike from the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme 156 cc, 150 cc and 225 cc Karizma informal. Hero Honda once led the performance and power segment with the CBZ wanes to a 100cc maker after the arrival of Bajaj pulsar's family. Today Hero Honda has 15-20 per cent share in the premium bike segment, currently dominated by Bajaj's Pulsar and TVS Apache RTR. Hero Honda hopes to regain the top slot with the new piece. Here are the official words "The Hunk would our product portfolio in the premium segment.

Hunks headlamp seems TVS flame but Hero Honda to move the older chrome stripped unicorn type front cockpit. Unexpected piece comes with a full tank, this Hunk has a small bowl and the tank has a collar. The tank collar Hunk are large and the tank has good knee recess. Dummy cowl calls from the swingarm bolt section and extend to the Hunk of the major scoops. Similar to some popular international bikes, Hunk's telescopic fork is golden color. This beautiful gels with the 5 spoke black alloy wheels. The gas-holder of the rear suspension is also golden. Hero Honda's piece embraces the contemporary black theme - the handlebar weight, alloy wheels, silencer guard and the grab rail to the new Hunk are painted black. Suspension is through telescopic fork at the front and rear suspension is a 5 step adjustable gas charged one. Hero Honda has devised a new term as "GRS" with the new 150cc Hunk.

About New Hero Honda Hunk Upgraded Version With Double Disk and Led Light, Analog tachometer, digital speedometer, orange instrument pod, LED Tail Lamps more..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

150cc Bikes Power performance

Yamaha FZ-S Vs Hero Honda Hunk Vs Honda Unicorn Vs Hero Honda X-treme Vs Bajaj Pulsar DTSi Fi Vs TVS apache RTR 160 Vs Yamaha FZ 16

Bikemenu says..MotorCycling determined a cause. The reasons can be anything from the sheer passion for. Whether it is riding a motorcycle will take you to a high. Feel the wind on your face, the sense of freedom, hear footpegs scraping the road ... biking always leaves you craving for more. The more you drive, the more you want to do it again.
"Bikemenu" is a group of youth biking fanatics that started as a reduction of small group of tourers, but now to develop a fully-fledged stunt team. The reason is the passion of equality between member to participate in a group of different levels. This group now includes about 70 members across the state.
Once you have done in a stunt show and organized a list of most colleges in the state, we have demonstrated that stunting Freestyle bike can be more than entertainment by a factor, not what is dangerous and all scary.Above, the support and encouragement from the fans is to keep us going
In 2009 alone two new premium bikes have been launched. As competition becomes tougher its hard to find the right products suits for you and more than introspection,comparison shows the true colour. We here compare all the 150cc bikes and dig out the pros and cons of the products. TVS apache RTR 160 included in the ‘battle and the beasts’ because of competetive price. Let’s watch the battle!

Bikes Design and Look:-

Whether the Pulsar or glass or X-treme or apache RTR or any of the Motor cycling or an evolutionary design of revolution. Topics black, aircraft type fuel lid and alloy wheels have become popular and are now on all bikes. Although design has not basically changed, metmarphosed Pulsar has a new bike with an upgradation. Bajaj's Pulsar want to care even make to adapt to the new bike as generaton apache RTR. However, too many of the pulsars in the way development has begun tired. Honda has always conserative. Although glass Styling evergreen it can not age. The lack of modern features like LED tail lamps, digital Speedo and air suspension make the glass problems. Xtreme face (headlamp) inspired by the cup was not enthralled by the sexy bike. Large LED taillamps, headache and mouth line silencer support horns as grab rails share credit score. Democracy with the necessary design racing stripes, chiseled swimming, style bonnet, petal type disc brake and is formed after RTR view mirrors makes the best eye-catcher. Hero Honda finds a space, even in crowds. Making recently Hunk match the design of Cruiser and democracy. Red dial, analog clock set to add more enthralled with Hunk by Macho look. Though Hunk has not reached the best of both world number that many. From the bike, Apache RTR, Hero Honda Hunk, CBZ X-Treme is to one of the niche market of 150cc. Honda's Unicorn lures the conservative man. Pulsar 150cc which attracted the youth when it launched, now turns into a family bicycle.

Bikes Engine Power and Transmission :-

This part should be easy to decide, since three of competetiors - Hero Honda Hunk, CBZ X-Treme and Honda's unicorn share the same engine. Unicorn's 149.2cc is less power producer still score high points for refinement. The Unicorn engine development 13.3bhp on 12.75Nm of 6500rpm and 8000rpm.
Pulsar 150cc engine is one of the best engine of Bajaj. The dual spark 149cc engine producing 14bhp at 8500rpm. Hero Honda provides the same engine with more power (0.8bhp) for Hunk and CBZ X-treme. Yamaha 150cc engine is the best engines of Yamaha. The digital meter,single shock absorberd the rear, engine producing 15bhp at 8500rpm.
Apache RTR television powered by a 160cc engine is producing 15.2bhp at 8500 rpm and 6000 rpm in 13.1Nm. Clearly, Apache RTR is the best among the assets in terms of performance. Apache RTR has higher power to weight ratio 111.7bhp/ton.Apachian can promote Redline up to 12000rpm. Add 10cc plays an important role for the RTR and it is the only bike in the threshold is 110kmph mark with appreciable control. All bikes in the 150cc breathes through CV carburettor, in India, fuel injection (FI) is a wave. All bikes Pulsar, Unicorn, CBZ Xtreme, apache RTR and Hunk features 5-speed (1-down 4-up template) box. Activities of how they design and different. Apache RTR, Hero Honda Hunk and CBZ Xtreme and objectives through which customers by young singers toe gear levers. In Unicorn and Pulsar 150cc is heel and toe levers.

Bike Fuel efficiency:-

When Honda engineers have created the mill frugal Bajaj for its dual spark exhausTEC technology and the different. Both the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and Honda Unicorn consumption by 1 liter to return more 55-60 kmpl about our match in the city and road driving. Hero Honda Hunk's 150cc engine is integrated with the first induction tumble (ATFI) technology. This kind of induction helps the car to burn fuel more efficiently. Hence the Hunk has less competition in its sibling Hero honda CBZ X-treme, but only by a small margin 1-2kms. Hunk 50 kmpl returned in the testing of our drivers. Apache RTR television that calling the performance bar flips in the mileage as you want. It gives a mileage of above 45kmpl.Hero honda cbz xtreme gives a mileage
above 50kmpl.



TVS Apache RTR Vs CBZ-X-Treme

He pulled a hole of about six bike length of about 75-80 km / h, and from there on, there was not one thing, the CBZ X-treme could do. We were at a particularly appropriate piece of road, of course, one where the motorcycle can sit at full throttle and hope as much speed as they want. And so that is exactly what the duo did. The Apache was always ahead, with 123 km / h on the digital Speedo, while CBZ Xtreme looks older analog meters finally came to rest about 118 km / hr.
rajoriya was probably mumbling about the Apache movement (and the resulting performance) advantage, but hey, they are about the same price are they? When we swapped bikes, exactly repeated. Young Josh is a bit lighter and me, and that only one thing changed - Apache to CBZ-X-treme gap is even greater. Orphans, the Apache RTR is the fastest acceleration "150" on the market now, and every other bike in the segment will be a really difficult catch in a straight line. Whether they will actually catch the flying TVS in a corner is an unlikely event, but more on that later.
The Apache pulls out some amazing performance numbers. In sopping wet conditions, away from a cold start, the Apache proved its muscles with a full 4.58 second run to 60 km / hr. The CBZ X-treme, for that perspective, it takes about 5.57. The Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi is time for the same period is 4.39 seconds. Okay, wait, let me clarify. In our Karizma vs 220 drag, the 220's we discovered in starting a little later. So it's not really show its full hand until a bit later. Proof - 220 100 km / h time is 12.79 seconds. Here is the Apache loses a full two second problem, taking 14.79 seconds.

It gets better. The test was not entirely fair. No, it's not what you think the Apache is a disadvantage, because the fresh plant with only 56 km on the Odo. The CBZ X-Treme, on the other hand, nearly 3100 km. So, in time, we expect that the gap between the two further grow.
When the Hero Honda still has the edge in the sensory personality of the vehicle. The Hero Honda-CBZ X-treme still impressed with a very tactile, if a bit loud, feel. There are Vibes is the feeling of great speed and size and it feels very flattering. The Apache is ... colder. He inhales the road with a more straight posture, has almost no vibraphone, an almost perfect gearbox and a strong sense of not-that-hidden musculature. The Apache, a weight of 136 kg, is a bit lighter than the CBZ X-Treme (143 kg for the electric start version), and the weight pretty well.

Although not part of this test, there were a few corners on the way to the strip once more the Apache immediately leave a good impression. Compared with the CBZ X-Treme (which on its own, is a phenomenal run fast, very sympathetic handler), the Apache feels even lighter. Steering inputs are needed pleasant light. Stability and confidence remain high, despite the wet roads and on the whole, the Apache is a robust laughter, while the CBZ-X-Treme is a right laugh. But again, the TVS absolutely let Hero Honda for dead on the brakes. The feeling the bite and the enormous amount of force can bring to bear are awesome. TVS have, apparently, was this bike, very, very good.

That leaves only the appearance, construction and finishing to think, right? Well, the Apache is a fair bit of progress. It looks compact and sporty, while the CBZ X-treme looks great, spacious and comfortable. The Apache is also very nice that the CBZ-X-treme not. As I said, the model in the details of Apache makes it. We did this in a very dark, gloomy day, so all the little pieces do not stand out and shine, but on a good sunny day, the Apache will be the CBZ-X-treme look even further away. More importantly, the Apache feels solid (although there was a mysterious plasticky rattle on the test cycle), whereas the CBZ-X-treme (and we have noted before) is not the best built or finished Hero Honda we ever cast eyes.

Hero honda cbz x-treme

Honda CBZ xtreme
The only real points of the lot. rearset's Bike Of The Year goes to the CBZ X-Treme. It is one of the most emotional I've ridden bikes this year. It is not perfect (goitre), but every time I have ridden a perfect bike, I almost fell asleep (several Hondas, including a Super Blackbird Blades Fire and late). I remember all are imperfect (first Fiero first Pulsar).
The CBZ X-Treme is the most exciting vehicle to drive launched this year. I wish it had more to offer - more power, more style and I loved a 156cc engine upgrade (15 hp). But rocks and is the best driver of this year.

The Hero Honda CBZ, beginning in 1999 by Hero Dog Motors India Ltd, was the first sports oriented 4-stroke engine also revolutionizes Indian bikes. Sporting an original Honda 156.8 cc engine, good 12.8PS force that is sufficient enough to move to a Speedo indicated 130 km / h. The styling was the exemplary. The bike looked very athletic and aesthetically perfect. Enough mid-range torque resulted in a 0-60 km / h (0-40 mph) in just 5 seconds.

Honda Worlds No.1 two wheelar company in india Worldwide - Visit the official Honda global web site and find information on all Honda Motor and its subsidiaries and affiliates. The study represents the responses of more than 15,000 new-motorcycle buyers towards the performance of 40 models in the key areas of sales satisfaction, product quality, motorcycle performance and design,bike power performance, after-sales service, brand image, and cost-of-ownership. The bikemenu index score provides a measure of the satisfaction and loyalty a given model or brand enjoys with its customers. "The overall industry average Bikemenu score remains unchanged compared to 2009. The gains recorded by most premium and cruiser bikes are nullified by the lack of improvements in the high volume standard and executive segments and best power segments. "Among the new models,Honda Unicorn receives the best ratings to overtake Bajaj Pulsar DTS-I in the premium segment. Product quality and cost of ownership perception emerge as Unicorn's key strengths. While newness generally has a positive rub-off on customer perceptions, this phenomenon is not universally true. Hero Honda Splendor Plus defies the general trend with a strong performance on all measures of customer satisfaction," said Mr Mohan Rajoriya, Jaipur-Raj (India) Automotive Advisor.
The study points out that the Indian market is sensitive to mileage/fuel efficiency — a trend seen since bikemenu' inaugural study in 2009. While this sensitivity is generally seen among all types of owners, it is particularly relevant for `standard' and `executive' bikes where customers attach importance to fuel efficiency. "Hero Honda benefits from its segment leading the rating on fuel efficiency with its owners also reporting industry-best mileage of 70 km per litre. However, it is important to diffuse focus from fuel efficiency due to the heightened customer expectations. In addition to the bike customer evaluations on various aspects of their ownership experience, this study also finds that 14 per cent of the motorcycle owners surveyed indicate their preference for a car in the next three years, while 28 per cent of the current motorcycle owners intend to buy an additional or replacement motorcycle in the future.

Type..............................Air cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC
Displacement ................149.2.CC
Maximum Power............10.6kw (14.4ps) @ 8500 RPM
Maximum Torque............12.80 N-M @ 6500 RPM
Bore x Stroke.................57.3 X 57.8mm
Starting.........................Self start / Kick Start
Ignition .........................AMI-Advanced microprocessor ignition System
Maximum Speed............110 kmph
Clutch..........................Multiplate wet

Delhi On-Road Prize..
Kick Start.....57,693
Self Start......60,465

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Discover 135 DTS-I

Discover 135 DTS-I and Discover 125 DTS-I
I am talking about the 135 cc Bajaj Discover, during the testing of which I Discovered,(Amazing power)that if you want to be a class leader.New Discover looks gay, man new Pulsar is something, you need to ride it to get the feel actually.

Discover 135 DTS-I
Discover 125 DTS-I

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-I & FI

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-I and FI
The new 200 cc Pulsar DTS-i and other Pulsar models have FI features comes with additional style features that make the new Pulsar even more desirable.
The Pulsar family comes with the Digital Speedo Meter. Apart from the features like Digital Speedo Meter.Digital Odometer.Digital Trip Meter,Digital Fuel Gauge that are present in the 150 CC and 180 CC variants.The Pulsar 220 DTS-FI model is Top of category.The Great Combination of Power Segment.
Now I’m not perfect vehicle freak anymore, but one thing that’s really caught my imagination lately is the new Bajaj Pulsar. I think it’s the closest ever India’s come to a powerbike and it’s really shocking that a bike with such power is coming from Bajaj’s stable which has been famous for only scooters in the past. The original Pulsar, which came around 6 years back I guess has totally stolen the market from the likes of Hero Honda and the other companies. It was very impressive at that time with it’s 150 and 180 cc models. Then in 2009, when Pulsar was already ruling the market, and with CBZ Xtreme,TVS Apache 160 RTR,Yamaha and Karizma failing to do any damage, Bajaj announced a new revamped Pulsar. This one had a more suave look, LCD speedometer and double split taillights and the best part was, the price remained the same. With the coming of 2009, this new range of Pulsars has been rocking the roads and on an early deserted morning, you can easily find someone on a Pulsar doing a 200 kmph or wheelies etc. The hottest selling model at this time is the 200 cc Pulsar. It has the LED display, split backlights, new styled headlamps, a more aerodynamic body,transparent indicators and the best part, a huge and wide rear wheel which provides excellent grip and speed.
The Pulsar has been declared the “Bike of the Year – 2009″ by Autocar, the pioneer automobile magazine. This is just the beginning, and I think it wouldn’t be long before Hayabusa’s start making there way down here because the new Indian biker has money, and he loves speed. Gonna leave you with pictures of the 200 cc and the 220 cc Pulsar.
Digital Photography of Bikes:-
Those are a lot of colours out there. The road has promises and great images on the Indian Highway system are just a finger press away. Here is the Pulsar220 posing on NH2 as a whole bunch of vehicles of all kinds zip by!
Photo Data: A Canon SX110 with an 9megapixel and 10x zoom was used for this. Aperture set to 8, focus done on the tail lamp of the Pulsar220, Auto focus locked, camera placed on the road and fired. Shutter speed was about 6 seconds! Hence no hand holding allowed! No post editing done.We love this image. The evening was in and fog decided to make an appearance. So we pulled over, got the Pulsar220 into a service lane and got this image.
Exactly the same as Colours of the Indian Highway.Notice the white streak on the left of the frame formed by headlights of traffic hurtling by!
Wallpaper size: 1280 x 960 pixels!

Bajaj Pulsar Models

Pulsar 150 DTS-I
Pulsar 180 DTS-I
Pulsar 200 DTS-I
Pulsar 220 DTS-FI

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bajaj XCD Sprint DTSi Launch On 21st January 2009

Bajaj XCD 135cc
Bajaj Company will launch the XCD 135cc Sprint DTSi on 21st January 2009. The XCD 135cc Sprint DTSi will come with a number of features. The XCD 135cc DTSi engine produces 10.5hp of power and is expected to give a mileage of around 60-70 kmpl. The XCD Sprint will have a 5 speed gearbox. It will sport a digital cockpit, nitrox rear suspension, low-friction front suspension, twin pilot headlamps and LED tail lamps. The bike will roll out from Bajaj’s Waluj plant and will also be produced at Pantnagar from February. It will be priced at Rs 45,000 (Spoke) and Fully Loaded Model Rs. 47,000.

The bajaj company is also extensively promoting the bike on air with an exciting new commercial featuring two sisters fighting for the one pillion seat on sporty bajaj XCD 135cc. With this highly visible campaign and the nation-wide availability of the bike, the bajaj company expects to sell 25,000 bikes in the month of February. This will make XCD 135cc the 2nd largest in the 125cc+ category, which is next only to the Pulsar and Discover 135cc.

The Bajaj company had launched on 21 jan this sporty bike with many first-in-class features like a 135cc DTS-Si engine, a 5-speed gear box,gearshift pattern 5-down, electric–start, auto-choke, gas filled Nitrox absorbers, digital speedometer and LED tail lamps at an attractive price of approximately Rs. 45,000 ex-showroom. A disc-brake option is also available. The motorcycle has also received extremely favorable reviews and accolades from specialist auto-magazines and expert bikers. This has made the bike a compelling proposition to customers looking for a bike with premium features at an affordable price.

Engine of XCD 135cc
Valvetrain...............................DOHC,2-valves per cylinder
Max power..............................10.2PS@7500rpm
Max torque..............................11.58Nm@5000rpm
Power to weight.........................87.93 PS/ton

Clutch.......................................Wet Multiplate
Gears........................................5-speed constant mesh
Gearshift pattern.........................5-down
Primary Drive..............................Gear
Final Drive...................................Chain

General Data
Fuel Tank Capacity.......................8 litres
Saddle Height...............................810mm