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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pulsar 200NS Review


Pulsar 200NS Review

Bajaj looking to be very busy these days for launching new bike models like there's no tomorrow! Hardly been a week since they launched KTM Duke 200, and they've come out with a new product. Launched its latest product a few days ago, here are presented the latest design of Bajaj motorcycles, all new Bajaj Pulsar 200ns (Naked Sports)

Even after a decade since its launch, Pulsar motorcycle symbolic many still sought after bikes on the market. After all, it's hard to resist the cool sports bike look just screams style. So, it's no wonder bean biker across India expect the launch of the latest Pulsar model is said to be "set to redefine the motorcycle technology and design and set standards for others to follow. "

With cuts sharp, clean, well-new designed surface and the latest technology of digital consol, the new Pulsar 200 NS is a real stunner. But the best part is, it is cost-effective as well, because it gives fuel economy 50-60 Kmpl according to IDC.

When you are Not satisfied? Need more convincing? Then, here are the specs for the sensational new works, metal.

It is a single cylinder 200cc, SOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine, three-spark engine that can churn out a peak power of 23.19 BHP @ 9500 rpm and 18.3 Nm of torque torque @ 8000 rpm; a six-speed gear box; Nitrox Mono Shock Absorber with independent gas canister in the back and in the end, a Petal disc brakes both front and rear. However, if you are a speed demon, you can not be too happy to know that the car has a small 12 liter fuel tank, which certainly will reduce the range.

So if you were planning to dig deep into your pocket to pull every penny and saving to buy this machine, which means lean fast, then wait, we've got something that actually will cheer you up. Bajaj Company officials have announced that NS Pulsar 200 will be marketed as "the best sports car of the middle class," and so they have set a very competitive price of less than Rs 1 lakh and you will not even have to wait long for it (unless of course due to unforeseen incidents release was pushed back) since the car is expected to hit the market at the beginning of the next financial year, coming 2013, through 400 dealers across the country.

So what are you waiting for? Bike, speed up your engines and get ready to hit the road in the new Bajaj Pulsar 200ns.

Pulsar to me is the celebration of an Indian. It has been a symbol of India's determination, spirit and ingenuity. The dominance of one gene pulsar in the last decade is the tool of business school case studies. But since the last few years, such as the Yamaha R15 bike with technical brilliance made a point that first genration pulsar is good for youth biking.

Therefore, even a fan of Pulsar as I was beginning to think my feet have grown larger boot my bike. ie I have now reached the stage of my life that I deserve something strange, something complicated and something better. It may be vanity and doubt in the ability of a manufacturer developers led me to pre-empt that, the next-generation Pulsar will be good, but maybe not that good.

Now new KTM 200 Duke has blown me away with its unique ride experience. I therefore tried to convince myself that since Bajaj owns 47 per cent stake in KTM, and also since the Duke 200 is co-developed by Bajaj (KTM) and are manufactured in India Bajaj, Duke 200 is for all practical purposes "India". So if I decide to go for the Duke 200, I will still keep my patriotic enthusiasm.

Pulsar 200 NS Technical Specifications:

Type: 200 cc, Single Cylinder, 4 valve, SOHC, 3 Spark plug per cylinder
Max. Power: 23.5 Ps @ 9500
Max. Torque: 18.3 @ 8000
Cooling: Liquid cooling
Bore x Stroke: 72mm x 49mm
Fuel System: Carburetor 33mm (Ucal carburetor)
Air filter: Paper element
Gears: 6 speed

Frame: Pressed steel Perimeter
Front Tyre: 100/80 - 17, 52 P, Tubeless
Rear Tyre: 130/70 - 17, 61 P, Tubeless
Front Brake: 280 mm Disc
Rear Brake: 230 mm Disc

Length x Width x Height: 2017 mm x 804 mm x 1195 mm
Kerb Weight: 145 kgs
Ground Clearance: 167 mm
Seat height: 805 mm
Wheelbase: 1363 mm
Fuel Tank capacity: 12 Ltrs

Ignition system: DC Ignition
Battery: 12V 8AH VRLA
Head Lamp: 55/60W
Tail/Stop Lamp: 0.3/3 W, LED

Pulsar 200 NS Technical Features, Pictures, Stunts Wallpaper of 200 NS Pulsar
Pulsar 200 NS Colors

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hero Impulse Review

Hero Impulse Review

Hero Motocorp, an Indian company modelled by Hero Group, after Hero and Honda group side-lined, has currently introduced their very first bike as “Hero Impulse” in the market. The bike gives a stylish “DIRT” Bike look, powered by 150-cc four-stroke engine, evolved for both smooth and rough roads, especially ridding on village roads. It also includes 12 litres fuel tank, Front disc brake, Read drum brake, 5 speed gear box, Mono-shock rear suspension.

Hero Impulse 150cc Sporty bike is now available in India at attractive Price of Rs. 66,800/- (ex-showroom). Hero Impulse is first bike Indian bike from Hero Motocorp, after split from Honda. Impulse is dual purpose bike for day to day normal city commuting and casual off-roading on weekends.

Hero Impulse Features and Specifications
  • Weight of Hero Impulse is 119.1 kg.

  • Fuel tank capacity is 12 litres.

  • Ground clearance is 244 mm.

  • Mileage of Hero Impulse is 40 ~ 55 KMPL.

  • Engine is four-stroke air-cooled OHC.

  • Displacement engine is 149 cc.

  • Transmission: 5-speed Constant-Mesh.

  • Front suspension is- Telescopic Hydraulic.

  • Rear suspension is- Swing-arm Nitrox.

  • Maximum Power of Impulse- 13.2bhp @ 8000 rpm.

  • Maximum Torque of Impulse- 1.36kgm @ 6000 rpm.

  • Advanced CDI- ignition system.

  • Brakes of Impulse- front disc and rear drum.

  • Wheelbase is 1360 mm.

  • Multi-Reflector Halogen-Bulb of Impulse.

  • 5-Speed Gearbox.

  • 150cc- Air Cooled Single Cylinder Engine.

  • LED tail lights of Hero Impulse.

  • Impulse has a sporty pattern- Slim waist, Tall Stance and High Tail.

It’s been available with stylish body graphics of Orange , Red , Yellow and Green Colors .

Hero Impulse Bike Pictures

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Honda CBR1000RR Review

Honda CBR1000RR Review 2012

Honda CBR1000RR is the culmination of the development of Honda motorcycles and sports classes. Released as a model in 2004, CBR 1000RR represents the current development of the sportbikes CBR954RR, CBR929RR and CBR900RR come before it.

When first released CBR1000 is known for its powerful engine, a positive outlook and high quality construction. But unfortunately it comes at the cost of additional weight. In the current iteration, Honda CBR slimmed down considerably and benefit from the many technical innovations derived from Honda's participation in the MotoGP World Championship with Honda RCV211 MotoGP motorcycle. Powering the motor is compact 999cc liquid-cooled inline-four that use technologies such as two-stage fuel injection (DSFI) and a low exhaust systems MotoGP-style wear. Other improvements include the CBR1000 ignition system control interrupt and Honda's exclusive cam slipper clutch system support unique.
In the chassis department, Honda CBR1000RR superbike benefit from single frame molding process used on the Honda CBR6000RR, minimize the number of individual pieces make up its frame. Honda CBR systems also use a Pro-Link rear suspension creativity. A Honda electronic steering damper (HESD) provides more steering control. For 2009 it is a liter sportbike class first to offer anti-lock brakes (ABS) as an option.

Honda's 2012 Honda CBR1000RR superbike is required perfect balance of power and handling are designed to work together as a complete package. CBR900RR set the bar for performance liter bikes when it was introduced 20 years ago, and in 2012 the new CBR1000RR that bar even higher. For 2012, the CBR1000RR boasts better handling through a rear shock balance of free patent, Big Piston Fork and new tires. Add a 999.8cc engine horsepower pump large and mid-range torque for the top level of the real world, and you have a high-performance package unmatched in its overall balance by the competition. In addition, the new body actively supporting aerodynamic flow and high-speed processing, and new LCD device includes a timer hearts, only few changes for years and more, determined nature of the purity of the liter class sportbikes.

There is big news when it comes to new 2012 Honda CBR1000RR. CBR1000RR Superbike has been necessary, provide a perfect combination of built-in power, handling, and general equilibrium for both street and track. But this year we have taken this versatile machine and give it a major upgrade. New suspension, new bodywork, new instrumentation, wheels and that's just the beginning. Everything outside the famous powerful engine 999cc inline-four cylinder liquid-cooled chassis and all-aluminum twin-spar.

The future's looking bright indeed at least if you're looking at it from behind the bars of a new 2012 CBR1000RR.

Whenever motorcyclists gathered a racing meeting of the bench, the opinion towards bringing big sportbikes usually carry a little fears arm's-length: these are powerful machines , high-powered and not for the faint of heart. But such stories are believed to have helped build the reputation of the Honda CBR1000RR, full of sports class model with broken literbike behavior surprisingly accommodating. Dry level performance with a near-perfect blend felt streetability flexibility, race, and character balance, CBR1000RR has for years held a high standard for the ability to be rounded . Of course, it would help a lot CBR1000RR size and weight along with the 600cc-class sportbikes, but it's a long family characteristics.

It hardly seems like the blink of an eye, but it was 20 years ago, Honda has opened the era of modern sportbikes-moving large street CBR900RR. Back in 1992, the concept of "light makes right" to produce a lightweight and compact CBR900RR quickly established its position as a wonder in its time. CBR900RR energy not only provides most of the time in a middleweight-sized package that begat exemplary handling, it also provides a measure of unknown extent of the overall balance to the driver a sense, directly connected to the motorcycle.

Press about car and sportbike enthusiasts like this lavished praise repeated what the first big chain to become a continuous and awards continued to flow as the model continuously improve high basic concept, is and continues to be capable and useful. Now we see the lovely qualities and long term will carry forward to this day, shown in the 2012 CBR1000RR. In celebrating the 20th anniversary of CBR-RR and consistent with the original concept, CBR1000RR 2012 to continue providing liter sportbike class performance model, pumping huge horsepower and midrange torque for the head of real world in a great-packet processing performance unmatched by the competition of its overall balance.

Change for the CBR1000RR in 2012 to focus on sharpness is said to be the most important components in a motorcycle sport is designed to use: implementation framework. Granted, big horsepower, time has always held its own attractions and CBR1000RR shed large amounts of horsepower and torque right in the midrange where literbike fans want after all, there is a huge bike bluish what? However, it is ultra-stylish middleweight meet really handled this sportbike for big move to shine.

Starting with four-part effort and has proven American Die-Cast aluminum twin-spar frame, Honda's development team to focus their efforts combine improved chassis components, especially one new shocks, the concept behind big Piston Fork, plus a new 12-spoke cast aluminum wheels can provide more rigidity. That way, they were able to greatly expand the processing power of the CBR1000RR and strengthen its brakes and drag characteristics. In addition, the new body is designed to support the concept of class fairing aerodynamic flow to create a large pocket still air around the driver while also helping to draw air through the cooling system. A chin spoiler integrated in the nose also reduces aerodynamic lift at speed, thereby improving handling, and the overall package lend a more aggressive appearance.

The new refined set EFI make the engine even more manageable, with smooth acceleration response especially smaller throttle opening. LCD devices to communicate everything from equipment location of cooling water temperature and speed. Cockpit display now incorporates a digital tachometer bar linear mode offers four options for the style of the readout. The device includes a position indicator, index changes in levels adjusted for the time sequence, clock / timer mode four hearts, coolant temperature, clock speed, efficiency trip m / fuel / fuel consumption, low fuel warning light and the odometer / digital tachometer. At the bottom of the screen lights for high beam headlamps, neutral and turn signal functions. All in all, these changes make the interface driver / rider machine smoother and more friendly.

The main objective in the development of set of CBR1000RR suspension include suspension action smoother, improved driving feel, and increased grip and traction. To achieve these goals, the 2012 CBR1000RR system rear suspension still features the famous single-shock of the Honda Unit Pro-Link ® configuration, but is now introducing the first balance shock on a production motorcycle, a progressive development in conjunction with leading experts Showa suspension was protected by patents pending.

The location of the shock tube configuration normal balance of the rear shock design incorporates a two-tube design damper case plus a one-cylinder internal. The damper piston does not feature the van, instead, the damping force is created as oil removal through a separate suspension components. In the rear shock normal damping force is generated in two places, the primary and secondary valve damping. The rear shock free balance, however, this action is handled in a circuit, allowing the pressure change is controlled by a stable larger body oil. As a result, suspension and more responsive smoother action, better damping control, especially in the transition from compression to recover. As a result, the balance of free Shock shock absorbers provide more relevant during a trip, or race track sessions, improved shock absorption and greater traction since the contact is always only over the rear tire and the road or track surface. Also, adjust the compression and recovery settings suspension is placed prominently on the top of the shock body to access quickly and easily.

To complement the free shock balance, in a front suspension fork 43mm inverted telescopic technology combination Showa big Piston Fork. The new fork uses a unique project with a larger volume of suspension to effectively reduce the hydraulic pressure is generated as the fork leg compression and expansion. The result is more precise action during the initial stroke and smoother suspension action, steering feel as improved handling, feedback and enhanced front-end feel more solid in the the brakes hard.

As before, CBR1000RR owners can also choose Honda's innovative electronically controlled combined ABS system, which offers the confidence of antilock braking while remaining unobtrusive so that it meets effects even the sports rider committed. This update results in an efficient system front brake change better suited for sport riding: now when the rear brake pedal is actuated, there's less initial brake application from the front brake setup than the previous generation, followed by more advanced pre-braking applications such as brake pedal pressure.

CBR1000RR has stood alone as the best-selling sportbike liter level in Europe for several years, a market filled with race discrimination extreme sportbike who actually give their car a thorough workout . The CBR1000RR is still extremely popular with this crowd is demanding because the soundness of its inherent purity of purpose, if you will, continue to reward the riders and sports complex. CBR1000RR 2012 to own a maximum of flexibility that makes the machine a genuine pleasure, whether it's time for a quick afternoon trip, a week of exploration down the winding path, a weekend for follow-up.

Which is not to say CBR1000RR is not surprising strength, witnessing the efforts of John McGuiness at the Isle of Man race in 2011, where he set a new course record on board generation CBR1000RR before. This example inspired extreme racing ability on most road course is short of audacious for a computer designed from scratch to go with a concept and powerful sound performance required interventions for the traction control or harsh, starting with the control wheel is used in other machines. Reward CBR1000RR riders who appreciate the great sense of connection throughout the machine, and those who prefer to rely on their own skills as a traction control method. Time and time again in tests worldwide comparison, the next article CBR1000RR times faster than its competitors are equipped with electronic intervention, and the reason simple: quick round on the track, like the vantage point of the street, have much to do with an overall balance and rideability than anything else. That is the secret to long-term popularity of the CBR1000RR.

Finally, the CBR1000RR impart a strange connection between the drive and motor thanks to its exceptional balance, around the performance and feel significantly integrated. For 2012, Honda's engineers have continued to hone and sharpen these characteristics, giving riders the opportunity to step up and open the next bike is becoming a living legend in sportbikes.

It's About Bike.

Throw your leg over one of our supercomputers just once and you'll never take anything, but the red again. More than half a century of racing culture techniques, adjusted to the highest level of controversy and excitement of the race in the world, has been poured into the bike you see here. Sleek, cool and packed with the latest technology to our highest, from nose to tail, sport bikes of our existence for one reason: to strike fear in the hearts of all other machines out there.

Honda CBR1000RR Features and Specifications

Model: CBR1000RR

Engine Type: 999cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder

Bore and Stroke: 76mm x 55.1mm

Compression ratio: 12.3:1

Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Induction: Dual Stage Fuel Injection (DSFI)

Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with 3-D mapping

Transmission: Close-ratio six-speed

Final Drive: #530 O-ring-sealed chain

Front: 43mm inverted Big Piston Fork with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability
Rear: Unit Pro-Link Balance-Free Rear Shock with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability

Front: Dual radial-mounted four-piston calipers with full-floating 320mm discs
Rear: Single 220mm disc;

Front: 120/70ZR-17 radial
Rear: 190/50ZR-17 radial

Wheelbase: 55.5 inches

Rake (Caster Angle): 23° 3'

Trail: 96.0mm (3.8 inches)

Seat Height: 32.3 inches

Fuel Capacity: 4.7 gallons, including 1.06-gallon reserve

Estimated Fuel Economy: TBD

CBR1000RR: Red, Black, Pearl White/Blue/Red

Curb Weight*: 441 pounds (CBR1000RR)

Price Arround
USA MSRP Price - $13,800 (standard model) USD

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2012
Bajaj has launched the European model Kawasaki Ninja 250R in India to compete with Yamaha R 15 and Honda Karizma ZMR. Ninja 250R Bajaj will import CKD (Complete Knock Down) to avoid the heavy cost of imports and thus make it affordable in the Indian market. CKD is a full set needed to assemble the bike. Accessories Ninja 250R will be imported directly from Japan and Thailand. Bicycles will be available in showrooms Bajaj probiking products and they have plans to sell about 1000 units of Ninja 250R with the opening of 30 new galleries probiking. The product showrooms Pro-Cycling will provide full three-S - Sales, Service and parts. With a large showroom price of bicycle helmets on, it is highly possible for buyers to opt for other cars like Pulsar 220, Karizma ZMR or the YZF-R 15.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R is powered by a 249cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin, DOHC petrol engine developing a maximum power of 32 horsepower at 11,000 rpm with maximum torque of 22 Nm at 8200 rpm. Ninja 250R features six-speed gearbox as amended and supplemented smooth transition and operation of a clutch durability. It also features a new radiator to provide better cooling without adding additional weight to the bike. The engine of the Ninja 250R has been improved to provide smooth, low-energy improvements and to provide mid-friendly response. Combustion chamber is designed to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Design and comfort
Ninja 250R is an abbreviation of the best sports car in the segment of 250cc 250cc bike was only sold in India. It puts fairing complete with large plastic and steel parts. Ninja 250R scope out a very positive view when casting a look with dual lamp headlights. The rear view mirror is attached to the fairing smart gel with the overall look of the car. Between the mirrors, windshields black clamp to protect the driver from wind blast. The front turn indicators have a look at machismo addictive and more of the car. Mask fairing lines to fuel tank and engine and the monogram of the bicycle is performed on the fuel tank and air scoops. Ninja 250R with 6 says black alloy wheels look very attractive to racing at the coronary band. Under the rear seat, two owners helmet. The tail also sports a view to protect the thin skin and crisp. The Step-up seats is a feature attraction on the Ninja 250R.

However, clusters of the Ninja 250R engine is a gap as mentioned in the same format. Speedometer, digital odometer, trip meter and tachometer in the same mode. It seems a bit sticky compared to other Indian bikes using clusters of digital search tools like Apache RTR, Pulsar 220 and Karizma ZMR. Cluster comes with warning lights such as low oil, low fuel, air filter choked, oil temperature high and low battery indicators.

Ride and Handling
Silky smooth 6-speed gearbox of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R to reduce friction when moving gears under power. The damper spring type clutch reduces jerkiness at very low speeds and minimizes shocks when adjusting the throttle to feel clever clutch. Paper base friction plates help increase clutch durability. Whack Ninja is a 0-100km / h 5.75 seconds with top speed of 176kmph. According to the statement of Mr. Bajaj, it gives a mileage 42.5 kmpl. Bicycles also meets the strict emissions improve well designed dual catalysers. Ninja 250R diamonds belonging to a new type of high strength steel to provide a steeper steering without affecting the wheelbase when mated with a longer swingarm. Junction is larger and harder, with the installation of modified and supplemented in 2008 compared to the Ninja 250R model.

37mm front fork Ninja telescope with the firmly established to contribute to the smooth handling and stability with enhanced car control. The suspension, additional chassis rigidity and adjust the fork, offers excellent road. Rear shock features 5-way preload adjustment, height allows vehicles to be maintained whether riding alone or with a passenger. Power to stop the Ninja 250R comes from a large 290mm hydraulic disc front and balancing act of two piston caliper provide excellent braking performance. The following features two piston caliper out with a 220mm petal disc.

Variants, Price And Color
Ninja 250R is available in two colors Lime Green and Ebony Black. Although it is also available in red and blue in other global markets, Bajaj has made it here only in two colors.

Technical Specifications and Features of Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Type - Four-stroke, Parallel Twin, DOHC
Displacement - 249 cc
Max. Power - 32.5 Bhp @ 11000 rpm
Max. Torque - 22 Nm @ 8200 rpm

Front Suspension - 37mm hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear Suspension - Uni-Trak with aluminum linkage

Front - 290mm Petal Disc
Rear - 220mm Petal Disc

Front Tyre - 110/70-17
Rear Tyre - 130/70-17

Kerb Weight - 172 kg
Wheelbase - 1400 mm

Battery - -
Head Lamp - -

Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Capacity - 17.00 ltrs

Honda CBR250R 2011

Honda enters the arena with the CBR250R 250. If the Ninja 250R is fear?

In three years, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R has been warden of the 250S. That's because it only has to compete with the Hyosung GT250R. It surprised me that the four large Japanese manufacturers have not pounced on this area as they did with the 125s. Not everyone wants to go from a sportsbike '125cc 600 and with the launch of the Honda CBR250R, your choice for a new 250 has risen 50%. Honda Nice work.

CBR250R is equipped with a single-cylinder engine 249cc, Honda motorcycle engines just last year. It produces 26bhp at high rpm, 8,500 rpm infact. Maximum torque is produced at the 17.5lbft 7000 rpm, so while the CBR250R is equipped with a pair of unique and not parallel like the Ninja 250R, naturally low grunt unit was squeezed up rev-range hunting of more power.

I can understand why this new model is called a CBR250R: in the Far East market, where the vehicle is normally 125 and 150cc bikes are increasingly popular CBR250R he sat at the top of the tree and sports. However I and most Westerners, it looks like a VFR1200 and only the thinnest relationship with any bike designed to please a racetrack. It should not be called a VFR250?

With a seat height of 780mm, it will be perfect for people on foot. Sit on the bike, it feels like a 125 and it mostly feels like a Honda. Just search for cheap steel clip-on is a gift extremely competitive price of the bike. Other than a small hint to cut costs, the digital control panel, similar to everything else abd rev counter form of the driver's view seems smart.

Move, the 250 feels light and agile. We rode it in the rain, but the feedback from the best steel frame. The suspension, though basic, did not reveal any errors in fact, it handles all the roads slippery Spain can throw at it. When we choose the speed, the 250 does not get in a cap and through the winding paths, it's easy navigation. Obviously the bike has been built a tight budget and there are certain areas, I am sure that you can skimp on and no one will really notice, but it seems that Honda has built CBR250R with the suspension of family needs and not only can they get away with.

The engine is adequate but it lacks character. Honda announced it will return 70mpg on, which, while good is not groundbreaking. Considering the engine is a new unit, I'd have been impressed with the number of 90mpg but 2011 + ZX-10R will do 50mpg, no problem. If people are to be persuaded to get on an entry-level bike, the operating costs must be special and I do not think the mpg of the CBR250R is quite in this league.

Run flat, I managed 90mph, but it looks quite a length of dual-surface roads to get there. CBR250R is really happy to cut a dash around town and will travel well over 60mph, but this engine last longer and feel lack. Sure it's only 250 but comfortable flying at 75mph without too much to ask, is it?

Honda is making a rapid transition ABS and all entry-level bike they are provided with ABS before. Testing our model combines the Honda 250 ABS on a bike like this is a great addition. ABS combination allows you to eek out every last drop from the tire grip front and every last ounce of power from the 6-pot Nissin front caliper only.

CBR250R tire size means you can use "big bike, rubber, is also great news. Waste tire standards and in accordance with a grippier Sport Touring tires and you will receive more of the entire package and 160kg weight limit of the bike, tire life is not a problem.

13 liter tank of it means that you will get about 200 miles between fill than tourer top of the Honda, the VFR1200. I'm not sure you ever want to go bashing on a visit to the continent but at the gas station CBR250R CBR250R help achieve the status of 'just get up and ride a good demand for travel.

There is clearly a huge potential market for this car and at about 1000 pounds less than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, CBR250R is a real competitor. Now there are rumors that Yamaha is developing 250 and let's hope Suzuki market. We are still in the early stages of the market can supply 250 Honda CBR250R but suggests other economic data and fuel prices will make sure everyone on biking on 250.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bajaj Launches the all New Boxer 150cc

Bajaj Auto may be better known for its range of Pulsar motorcycle fashion, but while that may be true, infact Bajaj Boxer is one of the travel brand of bicycle manufacturers oldest and reliable most reliable since it was introduced in the country.
In an attempt to recapture the domestic travel market in rural India for a long time under the Boxer, Bajaj introduces the all new Bajaj Boxer 150. To be considered for a bike Bharat closer connections with their own countrymen, Bajaj Boxer 150 has been redesigned to provide a comfortable driving experience, not only within the city walls, which also moved away from border localities.
Boxer's 150 cc engine now makes it strong and 12ps torquier 12.26 nm (nearly 50% compared with the standard 100cc). The increase in total production of the new Boxer has done little to shake its ability munching miles, a mileage proposal 58-60 km / liter makes it very desirable long-term investment. Additional convenience features and 150cc motorcycles from Bajaj aims to be a metalbody all the construction, larger tires, electric start, a dual spring SNS suspension and a carrier task heavy aircraft looks like it can support more than just a milkcans dangling behind.

While most 150cc bikes in India can cost anywhere between Rs 55.000 to 60.000, Bajaj Boxer even new properties it was found has been valued at just Rs 42,000 makes it clear one motorcyles most attractive and affordable "in recent times.
Speaking on launch, Mr. R Chandrashekhar, GM, Bajaj Auto Ltd said, "This launch is part of our strategy of providing differentiated products to meet the relevant needs of many people used. A significant part of consumers in smaller towns need a bicycle powerful utility, rugged. Boxer has been designed as an SUV on two wheels "to meet special requirements of them. "
Even with all the redecoration of urban construction and rugged features, the new 150cc Bajaj Boxer still managed to retain the charm of good old "Boxer", something is sure to attract fans Best sellers first.

Bigger is better, and that certainly applies to motorcycles. Bajaj Boxer announced new and this time around, it displaces 150 cc healthy. 11.8 horse motor sets and 25.1 kgm of torque - much, much more than the 100cc bikes.

Touted as' Bharat bike "Boxer 150 is aimed at customers residing in semi-rural areas and rural areas, where motorcycles are the operating conditions of fatigue. With the cyclical component improve try, wider tires and a torquey engine, Boxer can be abused rough roads, and sometimes no roads, with aplomb.

With the ruling 100ccs sleeping in rural India, the Boxer, 150cc performance and ability to handle the most extreme conditions, is bound to find a large fan. And if the value of the Boxer is not enough to win the most important buyers, prices will inevitably. The Boxer 150, electric start, will set you back a mere Rs 42,000. Well, it's even cheaper than some 100ccs on the market.

Motorcycle travel in India has always been in great demand. But when they groom themselves look better and perform to a higher level of efficiency in an economy of rapid urban transformation, the cost factor has been and will always be the most difficult barriers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR 2011

Review of Hero Honda Karizma Zmr Pgm Fi

Hero Honda Karizma Fi Mileage Zmr PGM, and average fuel economy
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR gives an average mileage of 40 kmpl in urban areas while it will be a little more on the highway. Fuel tank capacity is 15 liters of Karizma ZMR. On the other hand, Hero Honda Karizma Fi ZMR PGM PGM Fi for better mileage by PGM Fi technology. It would be about 45 kmpl in city and around 51 on the highway. Fuel tank capacity has increased to 2.5 liters 1 liter reserve.

Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM Pick up
The number of R Karizma acceleration is excellent. It can reach 00-60 kmph in just 4.5 seconds, while it takes 14 seconds to touch 000 to 100 kmph. On the other hand, Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi takes 19 seconds to chase 000 to 400 kmph. The maximum speed of the car is 125.6 kmph. The Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM PGM Fi Fi demonstrated better performance options for many as it reached 00-60 kmph sprint in just 3.70 seconds. Maximum speed is 126 kmph. Fuel injection technology programs to ensure better results compared to carburetors.

The color of Hero Honda Karizma Zmr PGM Fi
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi is available in sporting red, yellow moons and black with red alloys, silver and blue army Vibrant. The body color painted front mudguard, fuel tank, side panel. New Karizma ZMR PGM Fi is attractive shades like bright blue, pearl white, sporting a red, black newspapers and the yellow moon. Color body side panels, ventilated front shot, airscoops and front mudguard. However, for rail and mirror post is not body color. Red ball is in the rear shockers ZMR red sticker in the body colors of black and white.

Hero Honda Karizma Zmr PGM Fi Looks
As far as looks are concerned, the bike seems to be both athletic and attractive. Although a full front fairing, paste and bold rear disc brakes make a big difference between R and Karizma Karizma ZMR PGM Fi. The mask is larger than the new Karizma. The rear view mirror mounted on the new Karizma mask while it is mounted on the steering wheel in Karizma ZMR. One more difference is in finding the rails. New Karizma has split rails against the bar to take in the handling of his predecessor. Mask shape also comes in different ways, the new Karizma. Now, some cosmetics often they share as mounted front turn indicators, silencers, halogen headlamps, large windshield and tail. Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM own copy mounted rear view mirrors and turn indicators on the Yamaha R airscoops Bajaj Pulsar instrument panels 15 and 220.The Karizma ZMR has rated fuel tripmeter twins and same format and digital self in digital mode. Light yellow background of the interface is clearly visible in daylight. Dashboard tool also includes the total distance and real-time digital clock. Both cars have dual colors in the console, just tachometer is illuminated in white while the rest were treated orange. Three shells dial, including speedometer, tachometer and tripmeter, while the new Karizma Karizma ZMR has completed the digital cluster. Dashboard of new Karizma in digital mode in full. Tachometer white background lighting while the rest are in shades of orange. Body color with some graphics in both machines. Fuel tank, rear and side panel airscoops stuck. Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi sports a bold logo and Sports 'R' on the tank. On the other hand, the new Karizma Fi ZMR PGM sports style and daring ZMR sticker in front of a full fairing. Labels in bold red in color and black and white body in New Karizma while it matches the body color in the rest of the nuances of the body. Rails and rear view mirrors are not painted body color. The tail of the Hero Honda PGM Fi Karimza ZMR is very stylish and sporty with a new LED tail lamps. Rear mudguard comes in a new shape and style. Silencers treated black and heat shield. Hero Honda Karizma ZMRefined rear mud protection, separate clip on the handle bar, seat step up, and split rails.

Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM Dimensions
The overall size of the Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM PGM Fi Fi is the length 2110mm, height 805mm-1175mm and width. Clearance of the machine is 159mm and the wheelbase is 1350mm. Meanwhile, Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi's shorter than a similar new model. The length of the car is 2125mm, height 1160mm and width 755mm. Wheelbase and ground clearance is 1355mm and 150mm respectively. Hero Honda Karizma dignity of Zmr PGM Fi and New Karizma ZMR is 159 kg and 150 kg respectively.

How comfortable is the Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM
Hero Honda bikes are popular on account of comfortable seats and less maintenance with the highest resale value. Fuel tank and footpegs are equipped to keep comfortable in the driver's mind. However, wider passenger seat. The steering of the Hero Honda Karizma bike Zmr PGM Fi also be placed in a comfortable position. In contrast, the new Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM PGM Fi Fi is blessed with seats divided by promising a better seat than its predecessor. In both the Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM model, driver and passenger footpegs. Advanced suspension system also adds to the comfort for both cyclists equipped with the arms can be adjusted for different riding conditions. Disc brake system allows the driver to stop the bike at speeds even higher. A maintenance free battery that needs replacing after a long time.

Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM Tyres
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi red and black alloy wheels home. The only color comes in black body with red alloy wheels. The rest of the body color, black alloy wheels fitted. 18-inch tires are installed in the specification Karizma ZMR. P 2.75X18-42 front tire and the rear one 100/90-18-56 p. On the other hand, Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM PGM Fi ZMR come loaded with five-spoke alloy wheels. Moreover, the wheel is equipped with tubeless tires ensure a lower chance of perforation. Tire size is 80/100x18-47P (front) and 100/90x18-56P (rear).

The engine of Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi equipped with a SOHC, 4 stroke, single cylinder plant with a 223cc move. The plant, engine, launched Karizma ZMR peak power of 17 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and maximum torque is 18.35 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Meanwhile, new Karimza 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, OHC, PGM fuel injection, oil cooled engine belts out 17.6 bhp more power at the same rpm with torque numbers similar. The PGM Fi system power up but still needs improvement. The device removal in both models is smooth. Both machines have the same number of devices and models down four up. Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi multi-disc clutch sport to increase torque and power. Diamond-shaped frame is used to provide rigidity and balance the mind blogging. Hero Honda Karizma Zmr PGM PGM Fi Fi is proud to have the option to start automatically. PGM fi system (programmed fuel injection technology) is mixed with the fuel nozzle holes 12, 16 bit ECU and advanced sensors to scan the plant operating parameters such as air temperature, temperature motor and air pressure to make sure the final air and fuel ratio under dynamic conditions. PGM Fi system supports a higher growth rate and peak power. In view of better cooling, oil cooling technology is incorporated in the engine. The bike is equipped with a maintenance free battery ensures better start in bad weather.

On the road control and handling of the Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM
Both Karizmas come loaded with higher wheelbase. Wheelbase of New Karizma Hero Honda Karizma ZMR and Zmr PGM PGM Fi Fi is 1355mm and 1350mm. Wheelbase promises greater processing speed and lower control and higher. Wheelbase also help provide a better grip on the road reduces the risk of sliding, shaking, but Karizma ZMR unstable at higher speeds. Disc brakes are installed in both, Karizma ZMR has only fornt disc brake, to stop the bike does any speed. Disc brakes work perfectly well in bad weather in the drum brakes do their duty sometimes. Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM PGM Fi Fi Sports front (276mm) and the disc brakes (240mm). Meanwhile, the old Karizma only front disc brakes (276mm) and rear drum brake type. You can handle the bike easily as braking and acceleration response activities immediately. Chia also clip the wheel for added stability.

Riding - Suspension of the Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Zmr PGM Fi available smart suspension system at both ends. Front suspension is a hydraulic telescopic while the rear is one of the five-step adjustable swivel arm with red paint. In the same way the new upgraded model of Hero Honda Karizma Fi Zmr PGM with the same front fork and shock absorbing air filled in behind. It can also be adjusted to five times according to your needs.

Hero Honda Karizma Zmr PGM Fi Advantages
Karizma bike is top of its segment. With the new PGM Fi system and take adequate ventilation before, Karizma become best in class facilities. New Karizma ZMR PGM Fi seem very sporting.

Hero Honda Karizma Fi Concern
Acceleration and speed is a major concern in Karizma ZMR. You can feel the problem when in higher speed. Foot protection should be in the old Karizma. Similarly in New Karizma ZMR, engine power and torque can be more like it is equipped with PGM Fi technology. The cost of the new Karizma is a major concern as its competitors, Bajaj Pulsar 220, the lower price tag.

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Overall Rating

Value: 4 out of 5
Reliability: 4 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5
Performance: 3 out of 5
Styling: 3 out of 5
Comfort: 4 out of 5

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Technical Specification

Model: Karizma ZMR PGM FI
Engine: 223cc
Maximum Power: 17.6 Bhp @ 7000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 18.35 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Gears: 5 Speed
Clutch: Multiplate Wet
Bore x Stroke: 65.5 x 66.2
No. of Cylinders: 1
Chassis Type: Tubular Single Cradle, Diamond Type
Cooling Type: Liquid Cooling
0 to 60: 3.70 sec
Weight: 159.00 kg
Ground Clearance: 159.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 16.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1350.00 mm
Turn Circle: 2.50 mtrs
Electrical System: 12V – 7 Ah – 232 W Alternator
Headlamp: 12V – 35W/35W – Halogen
Wheel Type: Die Cast Black Alloys
Wheel Size: Front – 80/100×18 47P Rear – 100/90 18 56P mm
Tubeless: YES
Suspension(Front): Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Suspension(Rear): 5 Step Adjustable iGRS System
Brakes(Front: 276mm Disc
Brakes(Rear): 240mm Disc

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